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    Arnold Magnetic Technologies, Ogallala Electronics Division
    Job Description
    Position Description
    Perform a variety of operations to produce all types and sizes of wound coils of several
    different metals, such as aluminum, copper etc., as specified. Using micrometer, check
    gauge of material; determine from finished coil specifications, whether sufficient material
    is available; visually check surface and edge conditions of material to be wound, and
    Quality Control parts. Accuracy required in recording and reporting usage of specified
    raw material. Build-up core tubes on mandrels to specified O.D., using fiberglass wraps
    and epoxy compound to cement wrap layers; bake built-up tubes at prescribed oven
    materials on pay-off reel of winder, solder copper tab to aluminum as required, wind
    onto core tube. Operate winder, adjusting tension as necessary to insure proper build-
    up and space factor. Wind to specified Min.-build-up. Mix additions to bath as required.
    Using gas or electric furnaces, bake-out wound coils at prescribed temperatures and for
    prescribed time. Press out mandrels, insert mandrel blocks for sawing operation,
    vacuum impregnate and bake sawed sections. Make or assist in making machine
    repairs. Direct and assist less experienced winders and trainees. Refer questions to
    Group Leader. Use a variety of hand tools and precision measuring instruments.
    Complete and maintain production and other records as required. Follow all plant and
    safety rules and regulations and keep work area in a clean and orderly condition.
    Perform other related tasks as assigned.
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